Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hail to the Chief!

Well, looks like we're in for four more years!

Congratulations Mr. President Barack Obama!
We knew the general breakdown, but when states like Wisconsin (Paul Ryan's home state) and Nevada were projected for Obama, I knew it might happen.  California and New York went blue, the South went red.  No big surprise.  Florida might go blue--which would mean that every single state I lived in (California, Nevada, Florida, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and New York) went blue.  Also, it speaks volumes that Massachusetts, Michigan and Wisconsin (Romney and Ryan's home states) went blue.
Watched the returns with AriSparkles.


  1. You guys have such a weird system with those electoral colleges. It was frustrating to watch the results, Romney ahead in the popular vote but Obama way out in front with the numbers that mattered. Doesn't anyone have a problem with that?

  2. Obama ended up winning the popular vote.

  3. California gets counted late but gets projected blue early. So it was clear Obama was likely to win the popular vote. But it was weird when CNN projected Ohio to Obama despite the fact he was trailing in the vote count. I had to explain that to my daughter (after watching the CNN analyst explain it).


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