Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It seems like such a reasonable request...

but I can't get a copy of Small Modox's curriculum.  The menahel doesn't have it, and wants me to enroll my kids this second on the basis of no information.
And they are at an impasse.  They want the Things, but I'm not handing off my kids without an acutal curriculum.
And that makes me unreasonable.
However, see it from my perspective.  I've taught the Things from the time they were babies.  I know their strengths and weaknesses.  I've taught  ABC's, numbers, and even reading.  I've done pretty damn well, too, if my kids are grade level even by their biased admission.  I have to tell the state of NY what I'm doing in great detail.  All I want to know is "For my kids and on my dime, what are you doing?"
Now, I have seen other private school websites.  I was actively involved in choosing the last two schools I attended.  Both were chosen solely on the strength of the curricula.  Both publicized it for all applicants and their parents.  Every homeschool program I looked at had curriculum samples on their websites, as well as detailed book lists.  (Ambleside Online, the one I want to use with some tweaking to remove X-tian content, uses mostly public domain books--which means I can get them free.  The ones that are not public domain mostly have the "look inside" feature.)
Seriously, I'm not asking for state secrets.  I just want some kind of scope and sequence.  I'd like to see how it compares to their current curriculum.  I'd also like some idea of the books they use.  (Let's even take the issue of mid-year enrollment off the table--the fact that they even have that many openings is not a good sign.)


  1. I thought you were checking out the school for next year. Why the need for midyear enrollment? (not optimal, in my opinion)

  2. Because they don't have a curriculum. They don't even have teachers. All they have are 19 year old seminary graduates who can't spell but come from the right families babysitting rooms of 30 students and trying to squeeze in a sorry excuse for education (well for English subjects at least). This is how it works in the Jewish schools. I think the public schools in NYC might give a better education, though I would never send kids there if were my choice.

  3. tesyaa: I agree. Why give my kids the stigma of being "the new kid"?

    Michaltastik: Since I can't get a straight answer out of anyone, I'm inclined to agree.

  4. By the way... who said you were "unreasonable"? Did the school actually say that, or did they merely politely obfuscate?

  5. They have no idea what the curriculum is. That worries me.


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