Sunday, April 29, 2012

Internet asifa--Who's in charge here?

Well, the BIG DAY is coming up--a day to reinforce our commitment to Orthodoxy at a major New York Area sports stadium.  No, I'm not talking about the Siyum HaShas (although Builder is getting tickets for the whole family, including the Things and Queen Mom).  I'm talking about the Internet asifa at Citi Field.
I wasn't planning on going.  Good thing, too, because the asifa is only for men.
Halachic justifications aside (I guess the mechitza fund was used up for the Siyum HaShas, and they couldn't scrape up another quarter million), I think I know why.  The main talking point that comes up again and again, is that the Internet is the source of tumah.  (For my non-Orthodox readers, the translation of tumah is below):
Of course, we ladies do not fall prey to this tumah.  We're on a higher spiritual level. (Insert laugh/gag/note of disgust here.)
And that's what bothers me.  A man must avoid the Internet lest he develop a porn addiction.  He cannot control his lust in the sight of an uncovered toe, or a wig on a styrofoam stand.  However, HE IS IN CHARGE!  If men have so little self-control (and the Torah is nothing if not self-control), why are they the ones who get to tell us what to do?  Why do they paskin all the shailos?  Why do they get semicha?  Why not let the ladies (who after all, are so much higher and less likely to fall prey to tumah) have some authority too?


  1. Why you join a better religon called Reform jews??

  2. Show me where in the Torah a woman has no voice.

  3. Tell me about it! Over here in Queens they are telling me they don't want to go to a certain shul because they are modern and that shul is all black hats but they are taking on all the chumrahs like kol isha and this woman told me I had to clean my house for kitnyos before Pesach (I went gluten free in September so there has not been any chametz in my house since and I had cleaned in January)-Actually this is the same woman who was snapping at me about how wrong she thinks it is to homeschool. She said she as teacher (um she teaches in a daycare) knows more about how to teach blah blah blah.

    I just keep thinking if we need to cover up so much because these poor men are so friggin weak but then we are supposed to only wear dry clean only clothes high heels and all women should get a nose job if they want to get married because according to Halberstam, Jewish women aren't attractive enough to get a man's juices flowing.... I think the Orthodox people need to make up their friggin minds and if anyone is curious how unattractive our frum dressing makes us compared to non-frum women, watch Big Bang Theory. Mayim Bialak's character dresses like an Orthodox woman (she is actually Jewish and I think she went BT but is now Conservative so she may have even arranged a part where she dressed Orthodox). Anyhow, she looks so ridiculously unattractive next to the other two girls, even the "Catholic girl", Bernadette who still dresses reasonable but not "Jewish."


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