Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mazel tov, Mike Logan!

When I was a teenager, I my favorite show was Law & Order.  (Actually, it still is--I'm saving up for the 20-season box set.)  And my favorite character, or at least the one I had the biggest crush on, was Mike Logan.  Handsome, tough--and perpetually very unattached!  Mike Logan then went on to bigger and better things, because the actor who played him, Chris Noth, went on to play one of the most famous single hotties in television--Mr. Big on S*x and the City.  Television has truly typecast him has the most desirable bachelor in his world.
Well, his single days are over.  Chris Noth is married.  Mazel tov to you and your new wife!  May you have many happy years together!  (I'm certainly very happy--it's not like I'm still holding on to an out-of-my-league crush from FIFTEEN YEARS AGO!)

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