Monday, July 30, 2012

We've gone beyond nachas...

...into the realm of open gloating.
The Things finished camp last week.  As is customary, the camp had an awards ceremony.  When the Things and I got home, I opened their backpacks to check for stray art projects, wet bathing suits, etc.  In Thing 1's backpack was a certificate for excellence in tefillah.  Thing 2 had the same certificate--excellence in tefillah.
This means that out of their respective bunks, my kids were among the best at davening.  Now, stop and think for a moment.  My kids have never been to school.  The only davening they know is what Mommy taught them.  And Mommy is the (comes from the garbage according to one of Builder's friends) BT.  I never went to yeshiva either.  Yet, somehow, my two weird, anti-social homeschooled kids were not only well liked by kids and counselors alike, they could also pray well enough to get noticed. 
Certificate of Excellence.  I feel like gloating.

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