Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day?

Well, once again I was in court.  Once again, it was a lot of nothing.  Builder is now obligated to pay support.  (Thank you, Judge DV).  My lawyer is too expensive, so I'm going for court-appointed counsel.  And AriSparkles, who has been BFF, babysitter, and bodyguard all rolled into one, is now enjoined from seeing the Things until she passes a security clearance.    (Shouldn't take too long.)  Also, we have to be seen by a "forensic evaluator," which I am preparing for like ACS is coming. 
Some lessons here:
  1. Be VERY CAREFUL what goes onto social media.  I think my FB was hacked, and I know my blog was read, since it was referenced in court.  Because my comments are usually oblique, the worst thing they could say about me is that I like my sister-in-law.
  2. "Zealous representation" clearly means different things to different people.
  3. Sometimes the judge is your best ally.
  4. If Builder can play games and split hairs, so can I.
  5. This thing requires seriously dirty pool.
Happy Fourth of July, everyone!


  1. Can I just ask you something that I was thinking ever since you started posting about your disagreement with Builder about schooling? You really wanted to homeschool, he really wanted the kids in school. Now that you are divorcing, you get to keep the Things, but you probably have to work, so they probably will have to go to school.
    I understand that you both were playing "I hear you, but I will ignore you, and, eventually you will see my way" game, but who won?
    And shoot me, I do not understand what are you doing in Brooklyn. There are so many more other places accepting open-minded people.

    1. Believe me when I say this--my reasons for leaving have nothing to do with schooling. I was going to put them in school, look for a job, and then leave. Builder's actions (which I will delve into eventually, after they are a matter of public record) merely pushed up the timetable.

    2. It was always clear to me that your breakup was not about homeschooling.

    3. They were just too different and homeschooling was a symptom of that but only one of many symptoms.


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