Friday, January 13, 2012

Useful bans

Instead of banning such things as the Internet and concerts, here are some I could stand behind:
  • Cigarettes.  The effects of both smoking and secondhand smoke are well-known.  Besides, doesn't the Torah command us to respect our bodies?
  • Driving.  Distracted driving can kill.
  • Drinking alcohol away from home on Purim.  You are likely to get into your car and kill someone.
  • Spitting on people.  That's just wrong and uncivilized.
  • Sheitels.  We're the only group that covers our hair and doesn't make it look covered.  Besides, they can run to thousands of dollars and look better than what G-d gave you--hardly something that could be considered "modest."
  • Crying "anti-Semitism" every time one gets caught flouting the law.  Ever hear of the boy who cried wolf?
  • Pictures of rabbis.  It gets a little close to avodah zarah.
  • Shtreimels.  Talk about bal taschis.  (It's not like you're going to eat the animal that gave its fur)
Any others?

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