Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Using a good idea

Last week, Chavie suggested that I have Thing 1 practice her Hebrew reading using perakim from Tehillim.  Just have Thing 1 read the same perek over and over again until she can do it perfectly.
Good idea.
So, we started with the 117th chapter (because it's really short--only two pesukim), and Thing 1 has read it three times a day for the past three days.  Today, she rattled the whole thing off without hesitation.
Good.  Now for step 2.
I decided to use a Charlotte Mason idea for this one.  Now that she can read it all and can sort of recognize the words, I copied the perek and cut all the words apart.  Then, I rearranged them into short sentences.  Thing 1 now has to practice reading the words out of context!  My  hope is that enough words from the siddur and the Chumash are in Tehillim that Thing 1 will have enough of a base of sight words to read without agony.

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