Saturday, January 26, 2013

The cardinal sin in any friendship... an honest response.
Recently, I took one of those online Myers-Briggs personality tests.  The results were about what I suspected--I am an INTJ.  INTJ's are great at leadership and getting things done, but they have a hard time making friends.  Not only must we overcome our natural reserve to even get close to someone, but we value truth over social niceties.  So, when we're not biting our tongues in two trying not to say something (and thus feeling cynical about a friendship that we don't really trust), we say what we feel.  And that may not be what the other person wants to hear.
See, INTJ's see both sides of a situation.  We rely on our intuition and judgement (hence the N and the J), and we are not swayed by appeals to popularity or authority.  We question EVERYTHING.  It's a fun mental execise, but it doesn't make us too popular.  And, because we have built-in BS meters, we cut through the BS fairly easily and give direct answers (again, when we're not biting our tongues in two.).  This usually results in the other party hating us for not being supportive.

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  1. You're an INTJ too? Cool, so am I!! I followed you over from LJF



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