Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Solo Shabbos

Well, it's finally happened.  Builder has the girls this Shabbos.  And this Queen is alone.
Being introverted to the point of misanthropy, I don't mind the alone time (which will encompass Simchat Torah as well.)  However, being alone and unplugged?  Good recipe for insanity.
Although it's two days, not four years, I keep thinking about the movie Cast Away.    Loneliness can do strange things to people.

While I'm not at the level of befriending a volleyball, I can understand the impulse.  Like the desert island, Shabbos is silent.  No music.  No needlework.  No transportation.  Sure, one can walk--where?  I may try the beach.  But what can one do in the winter?    How much can one read?  Or sleep?  We'll see how it goes.


  1. I can't imagine spending 24 hours alone, but I have been reading a LOT over yom tov while everyone else goes to shul or sleeps.

  2. Any friends you can walk to?
    I used to love walking by myself on the boardwalk in FR, probably one of things I actually miss about NY.
    I have an opposite problem: I am never alone, and I feel like I am always plugged into something or other. Therefore, Yom Tov has been nice, like a long breath where I do not have to play catch up.
    Are the girls in school? Are you working?
    Good luck and don't go insane.


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