Tuesday, February 14, 2017

It's only been three weeks...

Next Monday is President's Day, and appropriately enough, it will also be the one-month mark on this presidency.  So, how are we doing so far?
  • Inauguration Day protests led to the arrests and detention of six journalists.
  • Comparisons of the size of the crowd between the Obama and Trump inaugurations led to the coining of the term "alternative facts."
  • Trump has falsely claimed that between three and five million illegal votes were cast for Hillary Clinton.
  • Trump has labeled CNN "fake news."  (CNN has found so many "alternative facts" during press secretary Sean Spicer's press briefings that it has refused to air them until they could be fact-checked.)
  • Steve Bannon of alt-right propaganda site Breitbart has been added to the National Security Council--supposedly without Trump's understanding of what he was doing.
  • Trump's business interests are being held by his children, including his overseas holdings, in violation of the emoluments clause.
  • Trump has taken two weekends off to play golf (and it hasn't even been a month.)
  • Trump's executive order banning entry of anyone who has citizenship in Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Sudan and Somalia was successfully challenged in court within 48 hours of being signed, and overturned in federal court not long afterwards.
  • ICE raids in urban areas have led to the detention and deportation of numerous immigrants.
  • A botched raid in Yemen led to the death of a Navy SEAL, the loss of an Osprey Plane, and the deaths of 25 civilians, including nine children.  Moreover, the Al-Qaida target remains at large.
  • National Security Advisor Michael Flynn has been forced to resign under suspicion that he has been involved in unlawful communications with Russia.
  • Tornadoes throughout the Southeast have not been responded to in a timely fashion by FEMA.  Meanwhile, a dam breach in California is being completely ignored.  (Makes me long for the days of "Brownie".  He did a heckuva job...)
A presidency riddled with scandals, questions, and poor judgement.  And it's only been three weeks.

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