Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bringing in some outside customs

My kids and I had a little Tu B'Shevat seder today.
The first time I'd even heard about a Tu B'Shevat Seder was about a decade ago.  (And the first one I ever went to was hosted by a group of Messianics--yee.)  During my transition from not caring to Orthodox, I attended several.  Some were kabbalistic, others focused more on Israel, while others tried to only focus on the seven species. When I moved to Brooklyn, I spent my first Tu B'Shevat here as Mrs. Builder.  And that's when I found out--Builder had never hosted, attended, or even heard about Tu B'Shevat seders.  Basically, Builder's idea of celebrating Tu B'Shevat was eating dried fruit.  That was about it.
So, this afternoon, the Things and I went out for red and white grape juice.  I printed a haggadah off the Internet.  While we didn't have too many fruits (short attention spans), we still had a nice little basic seder, just the three of us.  And I'm starting to think about next year!

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