Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl 2012

Normally, I have no interest in sports.  However, Builder, who used to play pick-up games of football in yeshiva, got me hooked on football.  My interest peaks around the post-season.  Especially this year, because the Giants were playing the Patriots.  Between Builder being a New York fan, and my negative experiences in a New England boarding-school (which is how I ended up graduating high school as a homeschooler), it's not much of a stretch to know who I cheered for. 
Well, the Giants won.  It was a close game, serious errors were made on both sides (including a couple of penalties that cost the Giants dearly.  Also, Tom Brady can NOT throw a Hail Mary.), and both sides were evenly matched.  However, at the end, The Giants beat the Patriots, 21-17.

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