Sunday, March 4, 2012

Friday Night

Friday night, I went to a special service/dinner at my shul.  It's the first time in years that I didn't have to prepare a Shabbos meal.  It's the first time in years that I've been at a Shabbos table other than my own.  (Builder doesn't like to go anywhere--he likes my cooking too much.)
So, Builder and the Things bundled into the car while I walked.  (We left twenty minutes before lecht bentchen--but since I'd already lit, it was Shabbos for me.)  When we got there, Builder wanted me to go in and daven--something I don't usually do at night.  Not only don't most women in my shul go on Friday nights, but I had to deal with the Things.  Listening to the davening brought back memories.  I used to go to shul a lot more before I moved to Brooklyn.  At one time, I used to go every day after work.  (I used to be religious--then I became Orthodox.)  Friday nights, I used to help lead services at the little shul that could.  It was my first synagogue when I started becoming religious--a little Conservative place that counted women, but still could barely scrape up a minyan.  That was over a decade ago, but they're still here!.  I became Bat Mitzvah there.  Then my dad died and I couldn't go there anymore.  When I started working, I would go there on Friday nights to help lead.  If they could see me now!  Sitting on my side of the mechitza, wearing a tichel on my head instead of a yarmulke, walking to shul--but since I stopped attending that synagogue regularly after my Bas Mitzvah, does that make me a Conservative statistic,or not?
Meanwhile, the Things were acting--like young children.  They were quiet, but they kept migrating between me and Builder.  Afterwards, people came up to compliment me.  "Your children are so well behaved."  Yeah--my weird, unsocialized homeschooled children!
After Shabbos, I walked back to shul to get the car.  I love having my license!

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  1. You may already know that you can light candles "al tnai", meaning that you light on the condition that you are not accepting Shabbos until it actually begins. You are still fulfilling the mitzvah to light, and you could have driven to shul.


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