Friday, May 18, 2012

What did I sign up for--Omerta

Omerta is the term for the Mafia's code of silence.  I'd say it works in the Nechemia Weberman case.

So much for family values.


  1. You should stop saying that you signed up for this. You signed up for a close relationship to God through observance of His Torah and performance of His mitzvos, yes? These idiots are just a side show that came along with the package. Think of them as the annoying cousins that come with a new spouse. You love the spouse but have to hang out with the idiots every so often...

    Garnel Ironheart

  2. When the idiot cousins come with rabbinic approval--yes, I will continue to post my "what did I sign up for" series. I signed up for a close relationship with G-d. Do these people have it? According to some definitions, they do.

  3. No, they do not have a close relationship with God. They have a close relationship with their outfits, with their broken English-Hebrew dialect, with their "minhagim" but they long ago forgot about the forest for the leaves.

  4. AztecQueen2000,

    I think you might like this link -


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