Thursday, March 14, 2013

Obfuscation, thy name is Bais Yaakov

Recently, while Builder and I were shopping, he suggested I swing by Giant Bais Yaakov just to get more information.  I had hoped that Builder would forget all about it until after Pesach,when application season would be closed, but no such luck.  So, in I go to the administration office.  I am guided to the director of the preschool, since Thing 2 is only four years old.
"Yes, hi, I'm considering applying to your school, and I'd like some information about your curriculum."
"What do you mean?"  Wrong answer.  But I press on.
"Well, my daughter will be in Pre-1a this fall, and I'd like to know what is taught in terms of kodesh and chol."
"Well, you'll have to submit an application and schedule an interview."
"So, I can't get any information before I apply?"
"You'll have to sit down with the director and they'll go over the different options in the different classes."  Wrong answer #2.  So, I walk out, singing the "Obfuscation Song" under my breath.   To the tune of "Ode to Joy," sing with me!
"Obfuscation, obfuscation, they don't tell you anything!"
Having attended two non-public schools of my own choosing (one brick and mortar, one correspondence), I only care about one thing--curriculum.  Treat it like a state secret, you lose my interest.  Builder and I already went through this with Small Modox Girls and I have no desire to go through it again.  Moreover, these obfuscating tactics cause me to lose faith in the entire system.  I'm not looking for a playground, a lunch table or a babysitting service.  School should be an institution of learning.  If a curriculum is not readily available to any prospective parent, then the school's entire purpose is defeated.


  1. Well, she offered you the option to sit down with the director. I'm sure scheduling such a meeting would be difficult if you don't apply first, but maybe not impossible. Maybe you should give it a try. Either way, whether the director is willing to meet or she isn't, you'll learn more about that school.

  2. I'm not going near the director without that information up front. Those applications cost money!

    1. True, you should try to get the curriculum information first. That being said, a lot of times schools will agree (in advance) to return your application fee if your kid doesn't end up going there. They don't tell you that, naturally. But I've been in that situation myself. Maybe they'll agree to let you postdate the application check to, I don't know, 2018 or so. :)

  3. LOL at Tesyaa with the post dating until 2018....

    I actually discussed your whole scenario with someone who works in a school in BK. I basically said my friend's husband wants a frummy school and my friend wants good secular studies. She said GBY would take you, but you wouldn't be happy with them.


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