Friday, July 6, 2012

Another great moment in homeschool socialization (sort of...)

Builder and I have a deal going.  The Things go to camp for one month every summer, and they're mine for the other eleven.
Last night, I got a call from Thing 2's counselor.  At first I thought she was calling to remind me that Thing 2 was chosen for the Shabbos Abba in her bunk and needed to bring snacks for 25 kids (which we were packing when the call came.)   She had forgotten that Thing 2 was the Shabbos Abba.  Instead, she called to tell me that Thing 2 was great kid!  Apparently, the counselor had some concerns that Thing 2 would have a hard time adjusting to camp life because she was homeschooled (whatever THAT means when you're 3), and Thing 2 surpassed all her expectations.  She could share, make friends, and greet her teacher every day with a happy "Hi Mowah!"  Also, she's very expressive--to the point where the counselor thought that Thing 2 was going on five instead of four!  The only issue was a bit of poor sportsmanship, but even that was showing some improvement with a little gentle guidance.  And, again, she's three.  All I could think, while the counselor was talking, was "that's my weird, unsocialized kid!"  The counselor then wanted more information about how exactly homeschooling worked, and I think I was able to answer her questions without proselytizing. 
It's always nice to hear good things about your kids.

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