Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shani--Chapter 3

Once the boys disappeared around a corner, women streamed out of the buildings they had hidden in.  Shani ran for the bus stop.  Baruch Hashem, the bus hadn't come while the sikrikim were out. 
The crying girl tried to get to her feet while holding the back of her head where the rock had hit.  Blood seeped through her fingers.  Once outside, Shani could see the girl better.  No wonder they had targeted her.  She was wearing a bright yellow t-shirt with sleeves that barely covered her elbow.  And her stockings were so sheer that one could hardly tell she was wearing them.  Of course they had no seams.  Silly girl.  Well, dress like a pritzua and see what happens.  Most women ignored the girl.  A few spat on her.  However, one woman, the one with the brightly colored scarf, ran over to the girl.  Bending down, she pulled the girl to her feet, reached into her purse and handed the girl a tissue.  The girl wiped her eyes and nose, while still holding the back of her head.  The woman pulled out a cell phone.  Who would she call?  911?  Nobody in their right mind would call those goyim.  Hatzolah?  If she caught the dispatcher in a good mood, he might send someone.  However, some dispatchers took a dim view of helping victims of the sikrikim.  Shani suspected that a few Hatzolah members were sikrikim themselves. 
Within a few minutes, the bus pulled up.  Shani lined up to board, holding Moishie in one hand and his folded stroller in the other.  She and the other women bypassed the mostly empty front seats and squeezed into the back with the other female passengers.  The elderly lady who had been accosted earlier looked for a seat, but in vain.  She clutched a pole, and braced herself with her cane.  Shani hoped the lady wouldn't fall as the bus swayed.
Shani was positioned in such a way that she could still see the girl through the bus windows.  A black midsized vehicle with a car service medallion pulled up, and the girl got in.  The woman with the scarf slid in next to her.  The car sped off in the direction of Maimonides Medical Center.    As the bus pulled away, Shani could still see the girl's bloody handprint on the sidewalk.

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