Sunday, July 22, 2012

Only three days left!

The Things have been attending camp for three and a half weeks now.  After Wednesday, they'll be done for the summer.
I don't know who's looking forward to it more--me or them.
Now I understand why parents send their kids away.  This sort of schedule and arrangement seems to bring out the worst in everyone.  I become a screaming harridan every morning, trying to hustle them out of pajamas, dressed, washed, brushed, fed and in time for the bus.  The Things, hard to believe, actually fight MORE during the off-hours.  Thing 1, who has been making stories up out of her own head practically since she learned to talk, cried that she's "not as imaginative" as her little sister.  The kids are tired and draggy on weekends.  And, because they need an earlier bedtime so they can make the bus, I have even fewer hours with them than before. 
But there are only three days left.
Then, Queen Mom comes in for her annual summer visit.  And then, August 6 and the first day of lessons!

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