Saturday, August 11, 2012

A successful first week in "mommy school."

Well, on Friday, we finished up our first week.  Thing 1 can identify all her numbers up to 100, read lessons 26-30 in her McGuffey Reader, and started maps of the eastern US with the city of Boston (we read about John Winthrop) and a map of the Middle East showing Ur and Haran (we also started reading about the life of Avraham).  She also learned five Hebrew prefixes and did a chapter in her Hebrew language textbook.  She filled in the names of the continents on a blackline map of the world and drew a narration from Old Mother West Wind.  We also did a pencil drawing, learned how to thread a needle, drew a sparrow for nature study, and mastered two simple songs for the piano.  Meanwhile Thing 2 is mastering the aleph-bet and matching lowercase and uppercase letters (I love free file folder games).  She also built Mat Man with her "wood" pieces, drew flowers that looked more like lollipops, and practiced writing the number 1. 
Builder has been monitoring our progress, and is happy that the girls are learning.  However, he wishes that we were more like the mainstream.  However, Sarah Schenirer was so far outside the mainstream that when she came into a town to establish a Bais Yaakov, people would throw rocks at her.  I think it all goes back to what's more important--conforming, or doing what's right.  And, judging by the title of this blog, it's easy to see where my priorities lie.

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  1. You are doing a good job! And your learning sounds very traditional, just might not look like a regular classroom.


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