Thursday, August 23, 2012

Politics in action, or women can vote too

I once read a book about women's history in which it stated that it was a common belief that ovulation was caused by orgasm.  Therefore, if a woman got pregnant and claimed that the child was a product of rape, her pregnancy could be used AGAINST her.  After all, she must have enjoyed it, or she would not have conceived.
Plus ca change...
Representative Todd Akin is still in the race for Missouri State Senator.  And his remarks on "women can't get pregnant from a legitimate rape" have left half the population legitimately incensed.  Uh, Todd?  Just a little reminder?  The Nineteenth Amendment, you know, the one that gives every adult with two X chromosomes the right to vote your sorry a** out of office, has been the law for the past 92 years.  And that little soundbite of yours will be all over state television, the Internet and social media from now until November.  As for your GOP cronies, they LIKE their jobs.  They would rather not alienate half (that's right HALF) their constituents by supporting you in this.  And those who do will also find themselves on the receiving end of the collective wrath of the women of this country.  A wrath which, in a civilized society, we express with votes.
See you in November!


  1. Not Missouri State Senator, United States Senator. Huge difference!

  2. Problem is, there's WAY too many women out there who put up with this garbage and make excuses for it.


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