Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Focus on the physical

Rosh Hashanah has come and gone.  We are now officially in 5773.
Why is it easy to forget that?
When I was single, Rosh Hashanah was all about the New Year, making a new start, saying "sorry" to G-d and my fellow humans, hearing the shofar as the annual wake up call.  I figured that once I became religious, Rosh Hashanah would be the same, only more so.
This is why kiruv works best on the single.  Now that I'm married, Rosh Hashanah is about making sure the Things have new clothes and shoes, checking to see which dresses fit and which don't, running around to obtain dresses, sneakers, dress shoes, fall jackets and warm pajamas, making sure their everyday clothing arrives on time from French Toast, sewing up their jumpers, buying groceries for the meals, preparing four seudahs, making sure I have all the simanim foods, frantically calling Builder to remind him to pick up the challahs, taking inventory on meats and produce, wondering if four jars of honey is enough, making my honey cakes that require ten minutes of beating eggs, cooking a roast, cleaning the house, mopping the floors, boiling up fish heads, and, oh yeah, in the middle of all this, did I forget Shabbos?
After the first seudah was over, I told Builder that with so much focus on physical preparations, it's easy to forget WHY we're doing all this.  That Rosh Hashanah is not about new dresses and lavish meals, but about teshuvah.  Builder agreed. 
Fortunately, we only have five more days of lessons.  Then I take a break from teaching until after Simchat Torah.  This year, well after.

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