Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Getting the city back

Labor Day has come and gone.  The once empty houses are now full again, and most of Thing 1's local playmates have traded their civvies for plaid jumpers and oxford shirts.  School is back in session.
I couldn't be more thrilled. 
Once again, everything empties out.  Once again, I can take my kids shopping for shoes and clothes without competing with half of Brooklyn.  Once again, I can take my kids to zoos and museums without waiting in line.  And, soon, all those fun homeschooler activities will be starting.
Only, this year, we get to enjoy them.  Even with our crazy High Holiday schedule (Monday-Tuesday--yuck!), we have more freedom.  I don't have to go to PT three times a week.  We get our lessons done in the morning, and then the city is ours!  And, who could ask for a better classroom than NYC?

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