Monday, March 26, 2012

Does it take a village, or does the village take over?

Back when she was a first lady, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said "It takes a village to raise a child."  I have to wonder if the village is taking over raising our children?
Today, I saw my neighbor outside with two of his kids, looking like he was waiting for a school bus.  I asked which of his kids he was waiting for.  He answered with the name of his three-year-old.  This left me confused, as I know that this particular family does not start their children in school until the age of four.  My neighbor then explained that the school made him enroll his son.  He said that the school was now enforcing nursery enrollment because the kids were better behaved as they got older.
I could not believe this.  This school, where the boy in question's older brother is a student, made them enroll their son at the ripe old age of three?  This means that they invoked in loco parentis on a child that was
  • not a student
  • well below compulsory attendance age (in this state, children do not have to start school until the age of six, and there is no mandatory kindergarten.).
Of course, all I said was that he was below compulsory attendance age.  Sadly, I then had to explain what I meant.
Yet another reason to avoid the madness!


  1. "It Takes a Village" is a paean to velvet Communism.
    It does not take a village to raise a child. It takes parents to do that. But Hillary and friends would rather the village do it because they control the village and determine its values and if they raise your child then they can be sure that the child will be taught their values which are correct whereas if they leave it up to you, well that child might learn the "wrong" values.

  2. Who's talking about Hillary? This is a private, non-government institution (in this case a very-right-wing Hasidic school) that trampled over a parent's rights to raise his son as he sees fit!

  3. Yeah but if he didn't do it, the school would have refused to enroll when the kid was older. In this respect the school can control the parents. Plus, people lie. They might have just decided they'd rather enroll. You know how Jews cave to the pressure to conform.


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