Saturday, March 24, 2012

Two Jews, Three Opinions--Pesach edition

This afternoon, I went to Rabbi Brooklyn's pre-Pesach shiur.  There, I got an idea for a new series: "Two Jews, Three Opinions."
According to the CRC, cumin is considered kitniyot.  However, the OU will certify it for Pesach.  The CRC also says that sunflower seeds are kitniyot, but Builder lives on them during Pesach.  Builder buys Pesachdik bottled water, but it's supposedly not necessary.  And then, there's the quinoa question--is it allowed or not?  Some say it is, as long as there isn't a drop of chametz in it (not so easy to ascertain, because it is often grown and processed with chametz grains), while others say that it is also kitniyot.    All of this only makes the celebration of our freedom that much more drudgery.

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